4PLAY + 4 Ingredients The Easiest One Pot Cookbook ever + Ten Years In

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4PLAY ❤️ ❤️

4PLAY is Kim McCosker’s (pen and married name Mrs Turnbull) 15th book. 4 Play is a cheeky cookbook written by Mrs Turnbull, featuring 80 recipes, playfully written with a purpose. A light and fluffy, sweet escape read to stimulate ALL your senses. Food to get you in the mood!

Diverting from a total recipe book, 4Play is a book of fun -­‐ from start to finish -­‐ to reignite the passion and romance in your relationship whilst simply providing delicious recipes and mood enhancers to do so! This decadent book features stunningly photographed food, delicious recipes & much more!

Chapters include:

  • Finger Food
  • Lick Me – I’m Delicious
  • A Sweet Soiree
  • The Morning After
  • Cocktails
  • Games
  • Much, Much More!

4 Ingredients The EASIEST One Pot Cookbook ever 

💙 💙 💙 💙
4 Ingredients The EASIEST ONE POT COOKBOOK ever!
We LOVE 💙 One Pot Cooking!
It not only reduces time cooking in the kitchen, but the time we spending cleaning up too.
With three beautiful boys and full lives we are busy parents and find this king of cooking extremely practical. My parents who are retirees (and never been busier) find this kind of cooking useful, the school leaver too needs this helpful cookbook, as do campers and caravaners because of limited storage and space.
We’ve included some of our MOST POPULAR RECIPES EVER in it …
🔸4-Minute Microwave Cheesecake
🔸2 types of deliciously easy Sausage Rolls
🔸SAVOURY MiNCE (everyone’s fave)
🔸Chicken CARNIVAL Cones🥳
🔸Sunshine Slice (which was last year’s most popular post)
🔸MORE Cheeseball recipes
🔸Oreos ROCKY ROAD (be still my beating heart!!@#!@#!!)

Ten Years In  🩷 🩷

The  4 Ingredients Story – Ten Years In is a short story about the foundation and formation of 4 Ingredients. Lessons and learning’s along the way, the importance of persistence, determination, hard-work and above all, embracing life and love by simply being grateful.

With more than 60% of small businesses closing within the first three years of starting, 4 Ingredients not only survived but against all odds, all warnings, all foresight, hindsight and blindsight –it thrived!

Owner Kim McCosker says, “You don’t need an MBA to build a business, you just need a good idea.”

Kim shares how her good idea came to be. Plus, how with dogged-determination and passion, grew into the well-known and trusted brand it is in Australia today.

Reportedly one in every 7 homes has a copy of a 4 Ingredients cookbook. Questions about 4 Ingredients have appeared on Australian TV shows. The brand has consumer traffic heading to social media websites in the millions every single week.



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