4 recipes you didn't know you could make in the slow cooker

4 Recipes You Didn't Know You Could Make in the Slow Cooker

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Slow cookers are so convenient to use for making warm, winter meals. Most people assume that they are only for stews and casseroles, but they are capable of sooo much more than that! I’m a huge fan of making all sorts of meals in the slow cooker. The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever has all sorts of recipes – soups, vegetarian meals, entertaining food, desserts, and more!! Here are 4 recipes that you didn’t know you could make in the slow cooker!

Recipes you didn't know you could make slow cooker

  • Slow Cooker Pecan Pie – this is a classic American food, but did you know that it is so easy to make in your slow cooker? It is as simple as mixing your dough, mixing your filling, and then popping it in the slow cooker for a few hours!!
  • 3 Cheese Slow Cooker Lasagne – this is one of my family’s all-time favourite meals, made so much easier and so much yummier by using the slow cooker.
  • Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake – chocolate cakes are classic recipes that you pop in the oven, but have you ever thought to make one in your slow cooker? Slow cookers are perfect for making fudge cakes like this Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake. I’ve found that this recipe works best in a smaller slow cooker, so you might like to double the ingredients if you are using a large slow cooker.
  • Sticky Chicken Drummettes – you can make some seriously yummy finger foods in your slow cooker, like Sticky Chicken Drummettes! It’s as easy as popping them in the slow cooker for a few hours then giving them a quick grill before ENJOYING!!

These fantastic recipes are from The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever, which is packed full of recipes that are easy, flavourful, family friendly and simply amazing. With over 120 recipes for all taste buds and occasions, The Easiest Slow Cooker Book Ever is a must-have for winter!

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