In the twelve years since founding 4 Ingredients I have spoken on countless stages. From country halls to city entertainment centres. In churches, on cruise chips, at International book fairs and schools. I have hosted breakfasts, emceed fundraisers and given hundreds of keynotes to crowds ranging from 5 to 500.

I have become very comfortable on-stage, can read a crowd swiftly and adapt my presentation swiftly if needed.

What I have come to believe makes for a great speaker are the following attributes:

  1. BE REAL – you will be asked questions, so know your topic well
  2. ADD HUMOUR – who doesn’t love a giggle?
  3. Finish talking before the audience finishes listening
  4. PREPARE – spend time beforehand, know your audience and tailor your messages aligning them with the theme of the event
  5. Nail your opening, the first words to leave your lips matter the most, in this instance your audience will believe you and come with you or start to doubt
  6. Stand tall and let your body language, from your hands gestures to your facial gestures complement
  7. Silence is a very powerful weapon; let those pregnant pauses linger a little after key moments in your speech, this allows time for the message to sink in Care deeply about your topic because if you don’t, why should your audience?
  8. Adjust your tone, it will help keep your audience’s attention
  9. Confidence is contagious. Even if you are nervous, smile, take a deep breath and tell yourself “You’ve got this!” And get out there and make it happen!

Kim McCosker

ICMI Guest Keynote & Event Speaker
  • Kim created the most successful book title in Australian history!
  • Her cookbook sales now span 3 continents, 26 countries and 6 foreign languages
  • She has been seen on major national and international TV channels
  • Kim holds a Degree in International Finance, Diploma in Financial Planning, trained as a Financial Planner and is a self-taught, passionate homecook.
  • Kim is proud of many things in her life, but nothing beats being a Mother to her 3 beautiful boys.
  • Kim, her husband and children live happily on the Sunshine Coast.

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If at your next event you need a good presenter, emcee and communicator, then please do not hesitate to contact our office to discuss.

Kim McCosker | 4 Ingredients
M: 0431 297 923 (Melinda)
E: info@4ingredients.com.au