Postcards From Paris

Postcards From Paris

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In October 2016 4 Ingredients showcased our list of titles at the World’s biggest book fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

There we met publishers and printers from around the world. In true Aussie style, we hosted one of the most popular stands at the 6 Football Field BIG Fair and across the 4 days had almost the entire 500,000 visitors to the fair, visit us (at least we felt like they did!! #superbusy)

From there, we were nominated for a BESTSELLER AWARD at the Gourmand World Book Fair in Yantai, China 2017. This is quite the prestigious category as you can only gain nomination with sales in excess of 1 MILLION cookbooks. So there I was in a category with a Russian Every Day School Cookbook, an Italian Christian Cookbook, Jamie Oliver and the like. Being the ONLY self-published author amongst the finalists is perhaps the reason I won.

From that, I was invited to the World Cookbook Summit in March this year, which was held at UNESCO EU HQ in Paris. At the same time, Village International de la Gastronomie was held in the Jardins du Trocadero, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, complete with tasting sessions, food catering corners, sales of crafted products, cooking lessons, concerts and shows. Demonstrations performed by exceptionally talented Chefs – Christian Etschebest, Jacques Pourcel, Gregory Cohen, Fatema Hel, Alba Pezone, Sahrap Soysal and … Kim McCosker with her Satay Chicken and Raw Snickers Bars!!!

Was I nervous – YES
Was I feeling intimidated – YES

WHY? Because every day is the opportunity to get better – DON’T WASTE IT!

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