Roast pork and crackling tips

Roast Pork and Crackling Tips

Posted by Kim McCosker on

Join me as I make my family’s favourite ROAST PORK & CRACKLING … Plus a few helpful TIPS that produce a FABULOUS ROAST every time🌸😋🌸

1. PREHEAT OVEN 220C fan-forced
2. Remove pork from fridge at least 30 minutes prior
3. PAT DRY the rind
4. Use a sharp knife to score the rind at 1cm intervals
5. Rub with oil
6. ASSAULT WITH SALT (use a lovely coarse salt, and LOTS of it) the fat under the skin reacts with the salt, making it puff up & crisp up
7. Roast for 20 minutes
8. Reduce heat to 180C and cook for 2 hours (approx. 30 minutes for every 500g)

TIP: Pork cuts ideal for roasting include leg, rack, rolled loin and rolled shoulder.

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