Soup - a delicious and nutritious anytime meal!

Soup - a delicious and nutritious anytime meal!

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Soup: There is nothing better about a dreary day than breaking out a big pot and creating a nice hearty soup. A beautiful bowl of soup isn’t just nourishing and low in calories, it’s like one giant big HUG IN A BOWL.

Soups are so versatile and can be made on just a few ingredients, or by using all the leftover vegetables in the crisper and adding beans, pasta and fresh herbs. Soups can be kept for days, making a fabulous meal on the run or frozen for the weeks to come.

However you like your soup, creating them is easy. Whether by stovetop or slow cooker, use a broth base, or a more filling, thick vegetable base such as traditional Pumpkin Soup that comes with flavour and is rich in vitamins and nutrients. It’s a meal that can be made for people of all ages and can be a light meal or a hearty, wholesome main.

Here are some fabulous ways to create soup to suit you

Use your leftovers in the crisper by adding to a vegetable stock base. For additional flavour and nutrients add herbs and spices, rice or pasta and simmer until the flavours have developed. This kind of soup is the perfect veggie smuggler!

Seasonal vegetables:Winter brings us fresh, seasonal pumpkins in abundance that make a perfect traditional and filling soup. Add extra root vegetables, curry powder, simmer and serve with a dollop of sour cream.

Diet: Making a clear-based homemade broth with select vegetables, herbs and a pinch of seasoning, this is a satisfying, low calorie, flavourful meal or snack.

Easy entertaining with soup! For unexpected guests or a planned dinner party, soup is an easy food that can be made hours ahead of time that will always surprise guests with flavour. Chicken and corn, pumpkin and minestrone are among the most popular.

Winter Warmer: One of the most comforting meals on a cold day or a go-to food when sick, soup offers warmth, nutrition and health on the most unlikely days.

EASE: For busy people who need to eat AL-DESKO! The convenience of a homemade bowl of soup served with a fresh roll will save time, money and HEALTH!

Spice it up: From vegetable to traditional, Thai to Mexican, soups can be created using all the favourite spices in varying ways. Add chilli, add curry powder, or even Mexican taco mix and black beans to your favourite mix.

Bulk it up: Soups don’t need to be a light meal. Adding rice noodles to a Thai base, tortellini to tomato soup, or serving a spicy soup with corn chips and sour cream will change the textures and interest in eating soup!

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