4 Ingredients Menu Planning & ThermoStruck

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4 Ingredients Menu Planning
Over 60 recipes beautifully photographed covering Meatless Monday, Meals in Minutes Tuesday, Easy Freezy Wednesday, Thrifty Thursday, Takeaway Friday, Best of BBQ Saturday, Family Roast Sunday, Sides, Lovely Lunchbox Ideas & Desserts for any day ending in “Y”, all designed to save YOU time and money in the Kitchen.

Problem: 1 in 5 bags of groceries bought by Australians and New Zealanders will end up in the bin. This translates to $20 from every $100 spent going to waste!

Solution: My aim with 4 Ingredients MENU PLANNING was to create a “kitchen bible” that simplifies this task. I’ve split a week into days,I’ve attributed names to each day, keeping it practical and fun – that’s right, Wednesday has never been the same now we know it as – Easy Freezy Wednesday? Or my personal favourites; Meals in Minutes Tuesday and Thrifty Thursday.

“I’ve been Thermostruck” by Kim McCosker, Australia’s highest selling cookbook author includes over 200 recipes ranging from the creamiest of porridges, risottos and ice creams. Breads and doughs, soups and sauces, desserts – interestingly including a sub-chapter called ‘Amazing Icings’ (and that they are!) – and introducing a chapter for the ThermoBambino.

“I’ve been Thermostruck” was written for the ThermoChef Natura but can easily be used with the following

  • ThermoChef Natura
  • Thermomix
  • Maxi Superchef
  • Bellini Intelli
  • Hotmix Pro
  • Kitchenmaster
  • High-Speed Food Processor