4 Ingredients The Easiest Cooking Show ever + 4 Ingredients Kids

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4 Ingredients – The Easiest Cooking Show Ever!

This beautiful, fully-illustrated cookbook is a reflection of all the incredibly popular and EASY RECIPES we included in 4 Ingredients ~ The EASIEST Cooking Show Ever!

Each week has a different theme, and each week we make the simplest version of every recipe we make! It REALLY is ~ The Easiest Cooking Show Ever!

AND NOW – for those of you without FOXTEL – you are able to journey each week with us through our brand new cookbook. OVER 50 of our most POPULAR recipes ever!

It is our wish that our TV Show and this beautiful cookbook will help simplify the time you spend in your kitchen. We hope to make it so easy, that you invite your family and friends to a meal to enjoy together.

Keep your recipes simple. Choose a nice drop. CONNECT … because that is what food allows us to do!

4 Ingredients The EASIEST COOKING SHOW EVER IS FOR EVERYONE! This cookbook is full of fresh and local ingredients. The recipes they create are guaranteed to save you time and money in the kitchen.

4 Ingredients KIDS

Cooking is a skill for life that teaches healthy eating to children by using a variety of tastes and foods to create fun, flavoursome meals and snacks. 4 Ingredients Kids combines a few ingredients, simple steps, easy measures and now, visual images to help create a meal everyone can enjoy!

Following an overwhelming call from fans across Australia, 4 Ingredients Kids has been revitalized with the help of our wonderful Facebook Family. Containing a mix of fantastic NEW recipes, our most LOVED and requested family recipes plus variations; this book has been brought to life for children Australia wide!

Flowing with recipes from Breakfast to Snacks, Lunch to Dinners, Desserts and Party Ideas, there is a beautiful balance of delicious and nutritious recipes….combined with a moderate amount of fun food!

4 Ingredients Kids features meals for the family to sit and enjoy together, or try the new, amazing 2 ingredients cupcake recipe!

This book is a book to encourage kids into the kitchen, grow in cooking confidence and know that a meal can be made easily at home, taste terrific and be healthy. 4 Ingredients Kids is the perfect beginners’ kitchen friend and will delight children with clever, creative photography and recipes including Meatloaf Cupcakes, Chicken Calypso Sandwich, Partysicles, Edible Veggie Bowl & Dip, 4-Minute Strawberry Soft Serve, Wok-on Noodles and Chocolate Fruit Jewels.