4 Ingredients The Easiest One Pot Cookbook ever + Pet Cookbook

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4 Ingredients The EASIEST ONE POT COOKBOOK ever!
We LOVE 💙 One Pot Cooking!
It not only reduces time cooking in the kitchen, but the time we spending cleaning up too.
With three beautiful boys and full lives we are busy parents and find this king of cooking extremely practical. My parents who are retirees (and never been busier) find this kind of cooking useful, the school leaver too needs this helpful cookbook, as do campers and caravaners because of limited storage and space.
We’ve included some of our MOST POPULAR RECIPES EVER in it …
🔸4-Minute Microwave Cheesecake
🔸2 types of deliciously easy Sausage Rolls
🔸SAVOURY MiNCE (everyone’s fave)
🔸Chicken CARNIVAL Cones🥳
🔸Sunshine Slice (which was last year’s most popular post)
🔸MORE Cheeseball recipes
🔸Oreos ROCKY ROAD (be still my beating heart!!@#!@#!!)
It still has all the classics …
🔸Creamy Garlic Prawns
🔸Chicken Tikka Masala
🔸Pesto Chicken Pasta
🔸Beef Stroganoff
🔸Chilli Con Carne
🔸Pulled Pork Sliders
🔸Various Roasts
🔸Apple Crumble
🔸Banana Bread
🔸Baked Rice Pudding … etc
“Pet Cookbook is a tremendous guide for those wanting to add home cooked treats to the regular diet of their pets.”
Dr Glen Richards BVSc. Co-founder Greencross Vet & Petbarn Empires.

Pet Cookbook has over 60 recipes that are full of variety for dogs, cats, with special chapters for birds and chickens plus guinea pigs. Know exactly what is in pet food and where it came from by keeping control of their diet, as what works for your pet will show in their coat and cleaner end results!

Be allergy aware and eliminate foods that may be causing pets food intolerances. Pet Cookbook recipes each have symbols alerting to eggs, nuts, gluten, lactose and whether foods can be frozen.

Learn what foods are toxic to pets, especially dogs and cats. 2016 estimates record more than 24 million pets in Australia (that’s 62% of households!). Pets like treats and Pet Cookbook will be a reminder of what can and can’t be safely consumed.

Pet Cookbook is a very easy to read, informative and nurturing book for everyone. For couples taking on their first ‘fur baby’, to children receiving a life-changing gift of a pet, Pet Cookbook is a wonderful start to understand the everyday best for all pets.

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