4 Ingredients Veggie Vegan + 4 Ingredients More Gluten Free Lactose Free

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4 Ingredients Veggie Vegan

This is a cookbook for Vegetarians, Vegans and ANYONE wanting to increase their plant-based diet even just a little with easy, everyday ingredients and recipes.

* ACAI Bowls
* Green Chia Puddings
* Cauliflower Nuggets
* Eggplant & Sweet Potato Curry
* Cauliflower Steak Pizzas
* Mushroom Carpaccio
* Smashed Pavlova
* Carrot Cake
* Chocolate Torte
* Thai Sticky Rice Mango Puddings


4 Ingredients MORE Gluten Free Lactose Free

Best selling Australian author, Kim McCosker, shares her new, highly anticipated cookbook – 4 Ingredients MORE Gluten Free Lactose Free (GFLF).

Featuring over 80 recipes that are completely GLUTEN and LACTOSE free, MORE GFLF follows on from the original title, where every recipe is full of flavour, easy to make and contains the simplicity of just 4 or fewer ingredients!

Proudly endorsed by Coeliac Australia, 4 Ingredients MORE Gluten Free Lactose Free is an absolute must have cookbook for those cooking to a diet specifically free of gluten and lactose. These recipes are perfect to share among family and friends, knowing that everyone will be well looked after.

“Six years ago, 4 Ingredients Gluten Free Lactose Free was released to the eager requests of our followers. They were desperate for a cookbook containing simple, healthy everyday recipes

specifically for the gluten intolerant. Since then, the range of gluten free products available has grown, new and exciting ingredients have evolved, everybody appears busier but still needs meals that can be created with ease, at anytime of the day,” says author Ms McCosker.

“From nutritious breakfasts, smart lunches, simple snacks, a Chicken Satay everyone is going to absolutely love to a selection of delicious desserts all made with the ease, simplicity and flavour of 4 ingredients – 4 Ingredients MORE Gluten Free Lactose Free – has it all.”

In fact, the new cookbook contains a thorough mix of recipes across all categories from mains, smoothies, vegetarian, chocolate and cakes among the compilation. Enjoy meals of Laksa, Spring Salad, Thai Chickpea Patties, Zucchini Quiches, Prawn & Basil Pesto Risotto and treats of Sticky Mango Rice, Walnut & Lemon Cake, and simple, sweet options like Jam Drops, Chocolate Brownies and the delectable Raw Snickers Bar.

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