Baby Bowl (Digital eBook)

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Baby Bowl is the baby cookbook to define a generation of mothers.

Focusing on easy to cook recipes, fresh ingredients and fast preparation this is perfect for busy mums!

Kim McCosker, mother of three beautiful little boys and passionate cook, has set out to answer this universal question by providing simple, healthy, age-appropriate recipes aimed at introducing a variety of flavours to baby’s palate. Baby Bowl walks you through the basics of baby food preparation, and the storage, defrosting and preparing of frozen food, as well as the sometimes daunting task of helping the food find its way into Baby’s mouth!

Throughout, Kim shows you the importance of nutrition by providing healthy, homemade baby food.

Kim covers such topics as, Allergies, Hygiene and Reflux, followed by guidelines for a good daily routine that starts from birth. Then there are the gorgeous savoury and sweet recipes divided into ages to take you through Baby’s first year and beyond, as well as ideas for finger food and what to feed them when they have a cold. Kim’s recipes are all easy to read, easy to cook, and use only the freshest ingredients to provide delicious and nutritious meals.

Baby Bowl was written by one loving mother for others!