A Sweet Treat with No Extra Added Sugar!

A Sweet Treat with No Extra Added Sugar!

Posted by Kim McCosker on

I am often asked to suggest a sweet treat for morning or afternoon tea with no added sugar. My 4 Ingredients Date Loaf often springs to mind from 4 Ingredients More Gluten Free Lactose Free. Also. you can easily substitute the regular self-raising flour with gluten-free self-raising flour for Coeliacs. Time and time again, this recipe comes up trumps!

Dates (dried fruit) are a sweet fruit from the Date Palm with high nutritional value. The palm is often referred to as a “tree of life”, most likely due to its notable health benefits. The date is thought to be one of the world’s oldest cultivated fruits, originating in North Africa and southwest Asia. History states that people have included dates in their diets for centuries. These days, dates are more commonly grown in the Middle East, California and here in Australia.

This sticky fruit, which is rich in potassium magnesium and dietary fibre, can be easily digested. Plus, dates are just perfect for a quick energy boost! Studies have also shown that the consumption of dates, which are soaked overnight, is also good for the heart.

With all that goodness, why not pop on your kettle and start boiling the water for the cup of instant coffee. This will be your first ingredient to pour over dates to soak. For more details on the recipe, please see the 4 Ingredients Date Loaf recipe and the 4 Ingredients YouTube Channel – Date Loaf.

Once you have made my 4 Ingredients Date Loaf and tasted it, you will have one of the best recipes to add to your repertoire for morning and afternoon tea for a very long time.

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