Perfect Platters

Perfect Platters

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Impress your guests with a sumptuous, stylish platter for your next special event; and when it comes to feeding a crowd, a variety of fuss-free bites makes everyone happy.

A perfect platter is made to be grazed on over the course of a couple of hours, so do not include anything that will spoil too soon. Also remember that cold temperatures mute flavour, so take dips, cheeses and fruit out of the fridge prior to serving.

Use a balance of sweet and savoury including homemade dips (such as 4 Ingredients Homemade Hummus), soft and hard cheeses, cured meats, fresh vegetable crudités, stuffed peppers, salty olives, grapes, a variety of nuts and crackers, edible flowers and fresh herbs.

Food platter

Diversity is essential.

Don’t just choose one dip, cheese, meat or cracker. Include many kinds so your guests can choose different flavour combinations and keep coming back to try more.
Simply arrange everything on a serving board, creating a balance of colours and height, the more rustic it looks, the better.

Balance rich cheeses with a mix of dried fruits, pair the meaty flavours of prosciutto and salami with roasted, salty nuts, encase the olives in a small bowl so as not to spoil the fresh vegetables, don’t forget to include a knife to cut the cheeses and spread the dips … AND DRESS TO IMPRESS!

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