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In 2013, one random day, just all of a sudden, breast cancer was all around us. Two of my neighbours, a devoted Mum on the school run and one of my employee’s cousins.

One day all is well in the world. The next – “BOOM” – their lives changed, along with their family’s and the lives of those they love, FOREVER!

So, when a chance meeting with the State Manager Corporate Partnerships QLD & WA occurred, the idea of “4 Ingredients Cook 4 a Cure” was born.

4 Ingredients NBCF Cook 4 a Cure

On that day, little did we know how connected we’d grow to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), its story, its aim, its growth, its aspirational goals and how dedicated we’d become to helping their quest to find a cure for a cancer that affects so many.

The 1st of October marks the commencement of Pinktober – breast cancer awareness month (BCAM) – which aims to shine a spotlight on breast cancer awareness and highlight the work of the NBCF in funding game-changing breast cancer research.

For some, Pinktober is a celebration of survival and strength, and for others a chance to GIVE. In 2019, it is estimated that the risk of an individual being diagnosed with breast cancer by their 85th birthday will be 1 in 7 (1 in 7 females and 1 in 675 males).

Since 2014, 4 Ingredients has been raising funds for the NBCF and the wonderful work they do in the fields of cancer research. Yes, primarily for breast cancer but take for eg., Herceptin, one of the breast cancer wonder drugs, has proven useful for specific subtypes of ovarian, gastric and pancreatic cancers. Similarly, Tamoxifen now proven to be useful in reducing the risk of developing lung cancer, both of these have come out of breast cancer funded research.

Breast cancer fundraising

In addition to having written 4 Ingredients Cook 4 a Cure, each year we co-host a fundraiser with BMW Coastline called HIGH TEA BY THE SEA. Held each October, the event has tripled in size, our first hosted 200, this year 600. 600 beautiful people coming together to raise funds for much needed breast cancer research.

It’s a magical day here on the Sunshine Coast, a somewhat sobering topic, but stories and memories told with love and laughter. AND THIS YEAR … One lucky person will WIN a brand new BMW X1, valued at $54,000.

High Tea By The Sea raffle BMW

High tea by the sea 2019

So if you haven’t got your ticket for the day, or can’t attend for whatever reasons, please know that EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR spent on raffle tickets will be 100% donated in full to the NBCF and that you can buy them online NOW: click here to purchase tickets!

Thank you for your supporting the NBCF. They receive NO Government funding and their ability to fund the best breast cancer research by the best scientists in Australia is entirely dependent on the support of people like US!

You can give in many different ways – we started with a small breakfast and in the past 5 years have raised over $267,000 and RISING.


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