World Animal Day

World Animal Day

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WORLD ANIMAL DAY is celebrated annually on October 4.

It is a significant date in the Christian calendar as the fest of St Francis, the patron saint of animals.

World Animal Day started in 1931 to highlight the plight of endangered species. The AVA (Australian Veterinary Association) says

“World Animal Day is set aside to celebrate the importance of animals, whether they’re our pets, a working dog or just providing a source of wonder in the world.”

So today, let’s use this date to bake a special treat for our PETs and as a reminder to book an annual health check to keep our furry friends in tip-top condition.

Use the recipes in PET COOKBOOK as a guide to creating easy everyday recipes for happy healthy pets – they (your pets) will LOVE you even more for it.


Pet Cookbook is a tremendous guide for those wanting to add home cooked treats to the regular diet of their pets.”

Dr Glen Richards BVSc(HONS) Co-founder Greencross Vet & Petbarn Empires.


Our Cavoodle is 11-years old. His name is Johnny and he is very much part of our hearts and our home. His favourite treats from PET COOKBOOK are

  • Chicken Jerky
  • Peanut Butter PUP Treats

World Animal Day Dog Pet Cookbook


We don’t own a cat, but our next door neighbour does, and it’s favourite treat is


World Animal Day Cat Pet Cookbook


  • Our GPs love everything, but their favourite is a sliver of red capsicum – we call it GUINEA PIG CANDY!

World Animal Day Guinea Pig Pet Cookbook

PET Cookbook includes chapters for Dogs, Cats, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Fish and Chickens. It is full of easy, all-natural meals and tasty treats. It promises to be the easiest Pet Cookbook you will ever own.


“Thank you for PET COOKBOOK, my Golden Retriever has eaten absolutely everything we have made him!” Julie Turnbull

“Thank you so much for such an easy collection of pet recipes. We have cats and dogs, I don’t cook for them all the time, but when I do, I like that the recipes in this book are quick, easy and balanced.” Tim Hartfield

“I absolutely loved reading the page “POWER OF PETS” in pet cookbook. My husband too has cancer, his councillor also suggested a little companion dog. We bought a puppy, Cavalier King Charles who has been a Godsend.” Jenny Tindale

“My pugs absolutely love love your recipe for “Lick-ems” thank you for providing such a useful cookbook to help us Fur-Mamas out!”

World Animal Day pet cookbook



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