Avocado Hacks

Avocado Hacks

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As a farmer’s daughter, I pride myself in knowing ‘stuff’ about fruits and veggies. For eg., Apples are 25% air, strawberries have on average 200 seeds and pumpkins are 90% water … BUT I NEVER KNEW THIS …

Avocados have stems and simply by peeling back the small stem cap you can tell a lot about the fruit.

  • If the stem comes off easily and you see green, it’s PERFECT, and ready to eat
  • If the stem is fussy and won’t remove easily, it’s likely unripe
  • If the stem removes easily and reveals a darker coloured flesh, it’s likely over-ripe will be stringy and unedible
  • Mother Nature sure works in wondrously logical ways!

I’ve always loved avocados, packed full of various nutrients and their creamy texture I even let one play a STARRING ROLE on the front cover of 4 Ingredients Healthy Diet – which is ON SALE NOW – for $24.00 delivered to your door.

Thank You & EnJoY!

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