Play Date Buddies

Play Date Buddies

Posted by Kim McCosker on

Play Date Buddies

Serves 2 serves


  • 75 grams white grapes
  • 75 grams red grapes
  • 1/4 cup popcorn
  • 8 pretzels


  • Into two zip-lock snack bags place the grapes in one side and the popcorn and pretzels on the other.
  • Using a wooden peg, clamp it down the centre and decorate it as you want.

Recipe Notes

These are a fun addition to any lunchbox, mix it up with whatever health snacks your kids will eat!
Optional: Fill with healthy snacks such as dried fruit, fresh whole fruit like grapes or berries, popcorn, cereal or crackers. These also make gorgeous party bags filled with sweet treats.
To make these you will also need a few crafty bits 'n' bobs: wooden clothes pegs, coloured pip cleaners, paint and stick on googly eyes (or you can drawn your own on)!

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