The Easiest Air Fryer KETO Book ever

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On the back of the phenomenal sales of 4 Ingredients KETO -&- The Easiest AIR FRYER BookEver … BEHOLD, the whole new versatile and delectable world of The Easiest AIR FRYER KETO Book Ever!

This new book is your go-to resource for:

Delicious, moreish, traditionally-fried recipes without all the carbohydrates
Quick, convenient, family-friendly meal ideas that can be whipped up with just 4 ingredients or less
80+ new and exciting recipes that are all keto-friendly, homemade and healthy
Nutritional information – fats, proteins, carbs, it’s all here!
144 fully illustrated pages
Air frying is one of the easiest ways to enjoy traditionally-fried recipes without all the extra carbohydrates. With this book, learn how to cut out the carbs and add more nutrients to your meal by opting for more keto-friendly breading like nuts and seeds! Enjoy all the foods you love, from Chorizo Chips to Keto Bagels and Roast chicken – if you can bake it in an oven, fry it on your stop top, or BBQ it outdoors, chances are you can make it with an air fryer!

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Nothing to dislike. Easy to use

Kay Blaine
The Easiest Air Fryer Book ever

I have one already i got it for my grandson as he has moved out on his own..

Denise Ann Cusack
Great inspiration!

I am new to both Keto and air fryer so this has really got me excited. Thanks for the tips