The Easiest Pie Maker Book ever

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IT’S TRUE, Australia’s love affair with pies is REAL ❤️ and with Pie Maker sales soaring across Australia over the past two years, here is The Easiest PIE MAKER Book Ever as the perfect accompaniment.

– 70+ recipes easily adapted to any Pie Maker
– Heart-warming savouries to delicious sweet treats
– The Easiest Pies EVER!
– Recipes made in a pie maker that you would never have thought of before.

The versatility of a trusted pie maker is what appeals to busy people. It can create meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. From Aussie Pies to KiWi Pies, Curry Pies, Bolognese Pies, Vegetarian Pies, Key Lime Pies & Apple Anzac Pies.

But it doesn’t just cook pies, it creates crumpets, donuts and cupcakes. It poaches eggs, makes scones, quiches and the most incredible Iced Vo-Vo Tartlets E.V.E.R!

Writing this book has been an absolute JOY, a pleasant journey of pie-making bliss 😍 where we tested hundreds of ideas and recipes and have come to believe that when wrapped in pastry “they will eat it🌟”

There is no doubt you will be AMAZED by what you can make in your Pie Maker.

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