Vanilla Slice with SAO Biscuits

Vanilla Slice with SAO Biscuits

Posted by Kim McCosker on

Recently I have been asked by many people what biscuits I now use instead of Lattice Biscuits when making our Vanilla Slice💗😍💗

Having only ever used Lattice Biscuits, I decided to try it yesterday with SAO bikkies … GUESS WHAT? THEY WORKED A TREAT💗Although I must admit, they were just that little bit nicer yesterday fresh, however they are still very edible today!

So for all of you who have been longing for a yummy Vanilla Slice, here is my updated recipe …

Makes 12

600ml cream
100g Instant Pudding Vanilla
24 Sao Biscuits

Line a tray with paper.
In a large bowl, pour the cream and add the Vanilla Pudding.
Using electric beaters, beat to combine, approx. 1 – 2 minutes.
Line the tray with Sao biscuits, then spoon across the vanilla mixture and top with more Sao biscuits.

OPTIONAL: Top with a little Passionfruit Buttercream – Mix 2 tbsp. soft butter, with 3/4 cup icing sugar and the pulp of 2 large passionfruit, until nice and smooth. Spread across the top Sao biscuits.
Refrigerate to set.

This is a fantastic book if you are looking to reduce food waste and save money by planning your weekly menu. Full of easy inspirational recipes both sweet and savoury – JUST LiKE this Vanilla Slice😍

Thank You & EnJoY!

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